Our Engagement Story

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Tips & advice | 0 comments

Dating a wedding planner meant that Sean certainly had his work cut out for him when it came to surprising me with a proposal. But with the help of all the staff at Rhino Post Safari Lodge, Sean managed to pull off not only one, but two surprises in one evening!

I remember being a little suspicious the week leading up to the proposal, especially when my mom had advised me to pack a few formal outfits for our dinners whilst on holiday – something she never did! However, Sean managed to convince me otherwise and on the chilly morning of 1st June 2017, we were on our way to the Kruger National Park for a long-weekend getaway to a secret location…just the two of us.

Upon arrival at Rhino Post Safari Lodge, we were greeted with a glass of champagne which we enjoyed on the deck overlooking the riverbed ahead of us. Little did I know, Sean had left the ring box in his overnight bag which we were told to leave by the car for the staff to carry to our luxury suite. He was petrified that the monkeys might help themselves to the sweets (and ring box) in his bag. Not long after our arrival, we were escorted to the library and wine cellar where we savored an incredible high-tea banquet before embarking on our evening game-drive.

We were fortunate to have experienced a few incredible sightings and once the sun had set, the ranger began making his way back toward the lodge – or so I thought! We arrived at an intimate candle-lit dinner. There we were, in the middle of the African bush, surrounded by candles with only a few rangers on guard, feasting on a delectable dinner for two. It was magical!

We arrived back late at the lodge where Sean had arranged champagne on ice. It was only when Sean had led me back to the deck and got down on one knee, that I realized what was happening! I remember how bright the moon and stars shone that night, twinkling above us as we both allowed the moment to envelop us!

The remainder of our stay that followed was embellished with spoils and surprises – from couple massages, delectable meals, and sundowners at special places in the park…all whilst admiring the stunning engagement ring on my left hand. Whilst I do not have many photographs of this incredible experience, the memories of an unforgettable weekend remain in our hearts forever!

Below are my tips to ensure your proposal is a memorable and special experience for the two of you:

Savour every moment

Often, your proposal is one experience that you will have little to no direct involvement in planning, and your partner will aim to create a proposal that he feels is original and unique to you as a couple and your own love story. Enjoy the moment and savour it as much as possible!

Perfectly imperfect

There is bound to be a few nervous giggles and laughs or quirky moments either before, during, or after your proposal. It is these moments that are so special and memorable. It does not need to be perfectly scripted to make you feel weak at the knees!

Forget the frills

Your proposal is about saying YES to your forever person! The person you see yourself with for the rest of your life – someone you want to raise a family with and grow old with! There is nothing more special or beautiful than that! There is, and always will be, beauty in simplicity!

Celebrate it all

Once you are engaged, remember to savour this time. Sean and I opted to only announce our engagement once we were back in town – this ensured our focus was on each other the entire weekend. Once you have announced your engagement, celebrate every milestone with friends and family and take the time to remember what is most important. Take it all in – it truly does go by in the blink of an eye!