Frequently asked questions


Why do I need a wedding planner?

Statistics show that the average wedding takes approximately 800 hours to plan. So, it goes without saying that hiring me will save you a lot of time. But something just as valuable is ensuring that I make the process as enjoyable and stress-free for you as possible. I assist you with the organisational elements, the creative design, the admin, and logistics. I take ownership of the jobs you would rather not do and guide you through every step of the planning process so that you (and your family and friends) can relax, enjoy and revel in the amazing experiences and emotions that come with your wedding day.

What does working with a wedding planner entail?

My approach very much revolves around you. I will start by getting to know you as a couple. I will take the time to find out your likes and dislikes, your personality, and passions, so that I understand what works for you and your style as a couple.

I will create mood-boards and look-books containing all the elements that bring a wedding to life and make it unique to you. From colour palettes to décor and styling, we will use this to create your brief for suppliers to start making your dream a reality.

In advance of the day, I will create schedules, timelines, liaise with suppliers and keep the planning on track. On the day, I will be there to manage everything: from set-up to co-ordinating suppliers, I will ensure every aspect runs smoothly so that you can savour your vision as it comes together in front of your eyes.

What happens on the wedding day itself?

The most important aspect for me is that you enjoy your day – and that is what all my energy goes towards!

I will take care of every detail as agreed – organising the set-up, ensuring all the details are in the correct place, and making sure your day runs according to our schedule. I will also coordinate suppliers and answer any questions they might have. Whether it is ensuring guests are in the right place, helping the photographer organise photos, or ensuring you two get a quiet moment to yourselves, I will be there to help facilitate it.

How do I book your services?

As soon as a potential client contacts me via email or phone, I set up a discovery call to make a personal connection. After our first consultation and agreeing to proceed with my services, you will receive your invoice and contract which you will sign and return along with your booking fee.

Do you charge for consultations?

My initial consultation is free of charge. This is a discovery consultation where we will discuss you, your story, and your style and where and how I can help you. For me, it is important for both of us to feel comfortable with each other before agreeing to work together. I will be there ready to answer your questions with a red cappuccino in hand.

How soon should I be securing your services?

The sooner, the better. However, anytime throughout the planning process I am happy and honoured to be of service.

Blythe has a great talent for attention to detail. She has such amazing energy when it comes to planning special events, especially weddings. I think that is what happens when you meet someone who has so much passion for what they do. Blythe only accepts the best and will not stop until she has reached perfection.

~Emma & Alistair