It all starts

Your personalities. Your love. Your vision of your wedding. These are the things that matter above all else and I am truly passionate about bringing it all together in a beautiful celebration that you will relive and cherish with loved ones for generations to come. The dancing, the laughter, the cake, the smiles, and the happy tears. From engagement to honeymoon, together we will create an experience you will cherish forever.    


and Atmosphere

I believe in the beauty of simplicity. I want you to look back on your wedding day in 20 years and never question your design decisions. By drawing on your personal style and working with your venue setting, I specialize in a classic, elegant, timeless aesthetic that creates atmosphere and wows your guests. From abundant flowers and flickering candlelight to draping table linens and shimmering glassware, my designs exude subtle luxury that stands the test of time.

Planner. Stylist. Friend and Confidant

Based in sunny South Africa with my husband, Sean, I am a tea-drinking, list-loving romantic. Born with a real passion for the industry, I fell in love with weddings after planning my own and since then, I have found myself planning some of life’s most special milestones and collecting inspiration from the tiniest details. These experiences, combined with my passion for bringing beautiful moments to fruition, forms the ethos behind my business…

“From day one, everything we did was planned to the T. There was never a moment that I did not know what was going on or what our next steps were. Not only is Blythe a brilliant planner having the best resources, ideas and opinions, but she was also an overall good friend through it all. When I felt overwhelmed/stressed or unsure, she wouldn’t just send a message to say it would be ok – she would phone me, chat about what was stressing me out and try to reassure me. Blythe has a brilliant taste and eye for what will and wont work without being pushy to get her ideas across. She took what we wanted with what she professionally knew would work and gave us everything we wanted and more! Our highlight of our wedding day was definitely seeing everything come together. Seeing all the planning and meetings where we threw around ideas coming to life and with it all being more and better than we had ever expected! You were everything I wanted in a wedding planner and a million things more! I thank my lucky stars every day that I came across you to be our wedding planner. You took everything we wanted and made it come true and for that we will be forever thankful and grateful!”

~Cherissa & Kyle 

Although I have an extensive background in marketing and corporate events, I have always been a romantic at heart. I really was one of those little girls who dreamed of their wedding day from a young age. Having been a bride not too long ago, I can appreciate just how special your wedding is and the importance of getting all the little details just right! As your planner, stylist, and coordinator, I help you craft the celebration of your dreams that authentically reflects the very heart of your story. It is about telling your love story in your own unique way, and to me, that is the ultimate in romance!

When I am not breathing weddings, I am likely soaking up a quiet evening at home with a glass of red beside my husband. Together, we enjoy entertaining friends and family, visiting markets, snuggling up with a good book, visualizing our dream home, or tasting deliciously unusual food. I have a weakness for a pretty shade of blush, red cappuccinos, and a delectable carrot cake (preferably enjoyed together). I cherish heartfelt conversations and I look forward to sharing a few with you.

My love story