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8 Ways To Continue Planning Your Wedding During Lock-Down

Words by: Blythe Mills

Photography by: Jenna Storey Photography

If you are feeling overwhelmed by Wedding Planning during COVID-19, this post is for you.

Even though the worldwide Corona-virus pandemic is affecting couples planning their weddings in 2020, you can continue to plan your wedding in an effective and efficient way during lock-down. Below are 8 different tasks that you can do during this time to continue planning the celebration worthy of your love.

1. Research and scout for vendors

If you are looking for a particular vendor for your wedding day, now is the time to browse through their websites, read their reviews and testimonials, and schedule Skype calls to discuss their packages and offerings in more detail. Generally, reputable vendors are booked ten months to a year in advance; but with weddings and events required to postpone during this time, many of the top vendors will be more highly sought after.

2. Consider the sentimental details

Bridal couples can use this time to consider the sentimental details of their wedding day such as their old, new, borrowed, and blue items as well as their chosen accessories and undergarments. This is also a great time to write your letters to each other to read on your wedding day, and perhaps even your vows.

3. Source bridal party gifts and guest favours

Search the net for your bridal party gift ideas and guest favours. Delivery may only take place after lock-down, but you will be able to take advantage of vendors who are offering deals and discounts during this time.

4. Create a healthy skincare and exercise routine

This is a great opportunity for brides to do research and create a healthy skincare and exercise routine. Incorporate elements such as soothing masks, calming bath rituals, healthy eating, and sleep routines.

5. Refine your wedding style

It is not uncommon for your style to evolve over the course of the planning process. Use this time to refine your overall look, narrow down your Pinterest board, and add in the necessary details to make it more cohesive.

6. Revisit important details

If you have been affected by the lock-down and have postponed your wedding, it is likely that your wedding may now fall into a different season. Think about the florals available to you in your new season, and the food choices from your caterer. You may also need to relook your wedding day timeline with your planner and photographer to maximize the best light for portraits and activities.

7. Write your photo and song lists

Give some thought to the kind of imagery that you want of your wedding day (whether it’s certain ring shots, a stationery flat-lay, or specific photos of certain family members). Save a list of your favourite images off Instagram and Pinterest, and make sure to discuss these (along with your list of family members) when you meet or chat with your photographer. Also compile your list of “must have” and “do not play” songs for your DJ. Focusing on important lists such as these will ensure that all details are clearly thought out come your wedding day.

8. Reach out to your vendors

Reach out to your vendors to get to know them on a more personal level and really share your style and personality with them. This way, your vendors can truly understand what is important to you, and you will feel more relaxed around them on your wedding day.

How has your planning changed, and how can we be of service to you during these times? Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to help you.

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