The Art of ‘Fine Art’ Weddings

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Over the years of planning weddings, I have discovered and fallen in love with the fine art aesthetic and today I continue to refine and elevate my approach when designing for couples attracted to my work. But what exactly is ‘fine art?’

Fine art is described as “creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.” Typically associated with film photography, lending itself to a more airy and ethereal aesthetic where images can often stand alone as a piece of art, fine art has in recent years extended past photography and into the broader spectrum of wedding design.

A fine art wedding, to me, considers wedding design as an art form – carefully considering textures, colour palettes, and the overall composition of the design. A fine art wedding is elegant and sophisticated, artistic and romantic, whimsical and graceful. It is characterized by thoughtful colour palettes, lush florals, luxe fabrics, and feminine details. Personally, I gravitate towards this artistic approach and strive to create designs that are intentional and full of emotion and thoughtfulness in every curated detail.  

A soft and romantic colour palette

For me, every fine art wedding design begins with choosing the right colours. A fine art colour palette is simple and organic. To preserve the natural, romantic feel that typifies fine art weddings, I often lean towards neutrals and pastels. This palette most commonly includes whites, creams, golds, light pinks, warm grays, and pale blues. These colours will be the foundation for all other aspects of your wedding design – your flowers, décor, venue, and paper goods. Bold pops of colour or classic colours do have a place, but it is important to create a soft foundation for your design. This soft, cohesive, and natural colour palette will set the tone for your romantic day.

Simple and organic florals & fabrics

Florals and fabrics are an essential aspect to creating a fine art wedding. Abundant, garden-inspired arrangements that are less structured but effortlessly raw and organic in style are key; and will create a lovely, feminine, fragrant, and picturesque design. Incorporating natural textures that play off your chosen venue such as stone, clay, wood, and marble will complement the overall aesthetic. Similarly, including loose, flowing fabrics into your wedding design will add to the ethereal feel. Consider wearing a billowy dress or veil, or lining your tables with light, organically hand dyed linens and romantic silk fabrics. These luxe and feminine details will create the perfect setting for a night of dinner and dancing.

Curated finer details

When planning a fine art wedding, I like to focus on the fine details. A fine art wedding is well thought out and intentionally planned to feel as though every aspect of the design flows well and is meant to be exactly where it lays. Hand selecting furniture pieces that fit the overall design, choosing the correct colour candles and linens, incorporating unique flowers and foliage, including beautiful paper goods with calligraphy and bespoke wax seals, gifting thoughtful favours to your guests, and sourcing a gorgeous venue that has breathtaking architecture. The complete design of a fine art wedding is timeless and sophisticated, with every modern element perfectly balanced with its classic counterpart. Every detail is creatively assembled and feels like an extension of your art piece – intentional and cohesive in conveying your overall story.

This is the art of a fine art wedding: everything is beautifully, creatively, and intentionally assembled. Everything that is in your wedding is a well thought out piece of art!

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Planning & Coordination: By Blythe Events

Concept & Creative Direction: By Blythe Events and Wild Leaves Floral Design

Flowers & Décor: Wild Leaves Floral Design

Venue: Houghton 1938

Photography: Marni Olivier Photography

Catering: Olives & Plates

Furniture: Reserved Exclusive

Stationery: JP Design

Napery: Set The Table

Fine Art Ribbons: Jonesi Studio

Flatlay Boards: Flatlay Studio

Confectionery: Kelly Jane Cake

Bridal Gowns: The Wedding Collective

Bridal Robes & Dresses: Mrs. Rose

Groom Suits: Zedmen Weddings

Bridal Shoes: Vonve Shoes

Jewellery: Miinella

Hair & Make-up: Canvas Make-up Artistry