Six Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Tips & advice | 0 comments

A wedding is a large production that requires a professional to oversee and orchestrate the various moving parts. Wedding planning is the foundation of your wedding. If there is no solid foundation, a beautifully designed wedding can quickly fall apart in the details. Wedding planning provides the structural support for all the different elements and vendors so that they can work together in perfect harmony.

Hiring a planner not only helps you create the wedding you envisage, but enables you to enjoy the planning process, too!

Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a planner for your wedding:

1. Save you time

Statistics show that the average wedding takes approximately 800 hours to plan (that’s equivalent to over 20 full work weeks). Wedding planning can be stressful if you lack the know-how or the time that is needed to put into it. Hiring a planner means that you (and your family and friends) can relax and enjoy all the amazing experiences that come with your wedding day.

2. Less stress, more enjoyment

Most couples plan a wedding for a year or more, so it’s important that you are not stressed or overwhelmed by the process. With so much emphasis placed on the day itself, enjoying the planning process is easily overlooked.

Your planner can assist with the organization, creative design, admin, and logistics of your wedding day. And what’s more, we do it to a level that suits you. 

I take full ownership of the jobs my couples would rather not do, collaborate on tasks they’d like my expertise on, or simply be their soundboard for their ideas. I play to their strengths and fill in any gaps. Together, we can enjoy creating a timeless wedding that is meaningful to you!

3. Bring your vision to life

Planning a wedding is an incredible experience, but with so much inspiration at your fingertips it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Refining what inspires you and creating a consistent vision for your wedding day can be challenging.

I believe that wedding design is more than just pretty flowers or beautiful decorations – it is about highlighting both the bold and understated details of your love story. As we begin the design process, I will help you define your vision by getting to know you; what you like, what you dislike, what inspires you, what doesn’t. I will then curate all the visual elements of your wedding and design a celebration that delivers a cohesive story that reflects your style and personality. From colour palette to vendors, every detail will be intentional, and every decision thoughtful!

4. Save you money

Hiring a planner means that you have an expert behind you, easing the pressure so that it’s not all on you.

Not only do I help you with bookings and purchases, I can guide your decisions to help maximize your budget. I will ensure the important elements that tell your unique story are prioritized and accounted for, and which elements are not necessary. Logistically, I will help you scout for the perfect venue, select your key vendors, negotiate fees, and review contracts, and of course, construct a timeline and budget that maps out the foundation for your wedding.

5. Time on your special day

When you visualize your big day, do you picture the first time you will see each other down the aisle, or being totally immersed in every detail of the wedding speeches? These are moments and memories that you will adore forever! Weddings require tight time-management and organization so my role is to alleviate your stress, monitor the timeline, and handle any unexpected eventualities, leaving you to rightfully enjoy every moment of your special day!

6. A friend and confidant

Throughout your planning journey, your planner becomes your most trusted confidant in all things wedding related. As your planner, I am here when you need it most; to always be in your corner and to help you create the most incredible, personal wedding that reflects you as a couple. It’s about telling your love story in your own unique way, and to me, that’s the ultimate in romance!

Has timeless elegance and heartfelt romance captured your imagination? I offer a full wedding planning service to make sure your planning process is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Enquire to schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn how I can help you plan the wedding of your dreams!